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Updated: December, 2011
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We offer Muscovy Ducks!l Unlike other ducks, Muscovies aren't greasy and their flavor is similar to veal. Here's how we suggest you prepare Roast Muscovy Duck.

Alan Ward, photographer for the Livingston Daily Press & Argus, came to our farm recently. You can see his "Farm Markets" photo gallery at LivingstonDaily.com.

Turk Farms knows Beans!
We now have a complete line of Michigan grown dried beans: Red, Black, Navy, Pinto, and White Kidneys. They're delicious, nutritious and provide an inexpensive protein wallop to your family's diet. Give them a try! We've got recipes for you. They're available in 1 pound packages.

Invite Our Chickens to Dinner
Stop by our booth at one of the Livingston County Farmers Markets. We're there four days a week during the season! We have frozen farm raised free range chickens (no antibiotics or hormones!) available year 'round at our farm and farmers markets. You can also purchase fresh birds right after our flocks are processed. Call us to find out the dates.

Free Range Lambs
Free range, grass and grain fed lamb raised in Fenton can be ordered and picked up at the farm or any of the summer farmer's markets.

American lamb is a primary source for high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. It's low in calories, fat and cholesterol. We now also offer lamb liver, an inexpensive item you rarely see in stores.

Free Range Pork
It's U.S.D.A. processed and available at the farm. Get it while supplies last. Turk Farms purchases our feeder pigs (6-8 weeks old) through Michigan State University programs to assure us of good, healthy animals.

Once the piglets arrive on our farm, we provide them with fresh water daily, antibiotic-free feed and lots of TLC. When they are old enough to handle the elements, they are free to roam the barnyard so they get plenty of fresh air and exercise. They also have all-natural snacks including apples, bananas and other fresh fruit/vegetables. All cuts are frozen and vacuum packed to retain optimum freshness. See the pork list here.

We have many ways to spice up your summer grilling: Italian Sausage! Bratwurtz!  Kielbasa! But that's just the beginning. We also have tried and true grilling cuts from our exceptionally favorful farm raised pork: Center Cut Chops, Spare Ribs, Pork Steak and Country-Style Spare Ribs.

For a hearty breakfast include our Smoked Bacon, Center Sliced Ham, Sausage Links and Bulk Sausage. They will be praised by your family and guests.

Dinner have you stumped? Try our fine Loin, Shoulder, and Ham Roasts. If it's a special occasion, our lean pork Tenderloins are superb. We have ground pork with exceptional favor, too.

We're located north of Hartland, Michigan:

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  Michigan Grown Meats & Produce

We now have
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Grassfields Cheese
dairy product lines:

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Free Range Chickens!
From Spring through Autumn, we raise small flocks of chickens to give them lots of space and attention.

$2.99/lb fresh or frozen

During winter months, fresh
birds are not available.

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Dave Turk
Turk Farms
4915 Cullen Road
Fenton, MI 48430



Eat Your Veggies!
We sell only Michigan grown fruits and vegetables picked at their prime. It will be strawberry season before you know it. See our full list of fruits and vegetables for more details.

Farming The Old Fashioned Way  
Farming done the old-fashioned way
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